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Juegos Net The Second!

Posted in Inspira-tious with tags , , on 07/11/2012 by Cik Mata Hati

Alhamdulillah! 1st branch this year has successfully established. Atas sambutan yang va va voom, second branch is on the way! Doakan second branch of Double A’s (hasben sape la tu) Cyber Cafe on early January next year. Running side by side with my Ilanicious’s Boutique. Huhu!

Below is the list of online games that available at Juegos Net Cyber Cafe, Bukit Merah, Perak :-
– MAT Online
– Blackshot
– JIN Online
– Dota & Dota 2
– FIFA Online

and many more!

ZzzzZZzzzz. Main Sampai Lebam !!

Full house from 8.00 a.m to 3.00 a.m everyday! To find out more click here Juegos Net. See ya!

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