FIFA Futsal World Cup 2012 – Espana vs Brazil

Sekarang sume kaki futsal bukak channel 833 Astro Supersport HD kalau nak tengok, FIFA Futsal World Cup 2012, final from the Bangkok Futsal Arena, Bangkok Thailand antara Spain and Brasil.

Sunday’s final is a repeat of the showpiece match for years ago and it is an encounter with extra significance for Gabriel, who has been plying his trade in Spain since 2004. Friends will become foes for him and compatriots Ari and Wilde, as six members of the Spanish national side are their club colleagues at Barcelona.

“We know each other very well as we play together in Spain, but that won’t actually benefit either side much,” said Gabriel. “Spain have some fantastic players and I’m expecting it to be a nervy game. We’ll need to be fully focused as even a small mistake could cost us the title.” –FIFA

Score sampai second extra time, 2 -2.

Brazil dapat penalty shot tapi tak masuk.

Final shot from Neto, Brasil tapi kena yellow card pulak sebab over celebrate dapat 3-2!

Yeahh! Brasil menang Futsal World Cup 3 -2 against Espana a.k.a Spain! Huhu! Dah.dah tu bang..jom tengok Ombak Rindu!


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