“Poor” People!

They say that “time is money”. If that’s true, then i have bad news for most of you that we are all POOR because we always complaining “I DON’T HAVE TIME”.

If u still don’t have time, and if you still never take your time, then you are poor, it would seem. Yes, POOR, even if you have millions of dollars in your bank account, a huge house and fancy cars. bcoz..

..u don’t have time to enjoy your life with people that love u..! So..stop now. Say hello to someone you love and spent your evening with them. =)

“Hello everyoneee!!

I ♥ u all!”


2 Respons to ““Poor” People!”

  1. abdullahamran Says:

    hehe..rich dad poor dadd 😀

  2. Cik Mata Hati Says:

    And who’s the author again?

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