Dear Husband

Dear Husband,

Every morning I woke up and see,

The most handsome man lying next to me.

You’re the one I cherish and love,

A blessing sent from Heaven above,

I will always love you as a faithful wife..

Today, you are not by my side,

Tears in my eyes cannot hide,

All the sorrows that burrow in my fears,

Afraid to lose someone I trusted the most,

The one I laid my hopes and expectations..

I always act tough,

As if the world isn’t rough,

But today I will tell you the truth,

Let everything I fear breakthrough,

Like everyday loving you is not enough,

Afraid to be left alone without your laugh

 As I sit alone in my room tonight,

It sure is a change from the same old fight,

I want to be held and loved tonight

To share all my dreams with the man who last,

In my veins, my heart and my soul whenever out of sight

 When you make love to me everything seems right,

You seem to take my hand and guide me through the night,

You reach to take my fears and throw them to the past,

You penetrate my soul in hopes of light,

You’re always there taking me high,

Thank you for all the tears that you had waste to console me,

Thank you for all the promises that you had made come true,

Thank you for turning me into being that longing your love,

Thank you for teaching me the meaning of captivated,

Thank you for every second you taking care of me,

And mostly,

Thank you for making me the happiest wife in this planet..

                                                                                               From,Your Wife


2 Respons to “Dear Husband”

  1. Your Husband Says:

    Dear wife,

    My endless love for you will never break us apart, no matter what happen. U r not like other woman, coz u r the only my super woman. Abg l.o.v.e syg so much

    Yr husband

  2. Cik Mata Hati Says:

    Dear Husband,

    I love you too. Ingatkan abg tak tengok. Hope u like it. Hehe

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